Cosmo's Garlic butter salt 250g shaker

Garlic Butter Salt Seasoning

Introducing our new flavour, Garlic Butter Salt Seasoning. It’s delicious on hot chips, popcorn, roast veges, as well as seasoning meat, chicken, and seafood. Get creative with Cosmo’s!

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Cosmo's Ginger Salt Shaker

Ginger Salt Seasoning

"Cosmo's ginger salt gives you a sensational taste on seafood and salad, even on pineapple… and we're about to add it to this song"… Brian FM

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Cosmo's Smokey BBQ salt Shaker

Smokey BBQ Salt Seasoning

"Brian FM loves smokey BBQ! Cosmo's smokey BBQ salt adds smokey flavour to your chicken, lamb and steak…. Soooooo... Use it and make us happy"… Brian FM

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Cosmo's Peri Peri Salt Shaker

Peri Peri Salt Seasoning

"Cosmo's peri peri salt, peri peri salt, peri peri salt, if you are hot right now, spice it up on your pizza & chips. Brian FM - the Peri Peri Salt awareness Fairy"… Brian FM

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Cosmo's Spicy Harissa Shaker

Spicy Harissa Seasoning

Thank you, North Africa, for giving us harissa! Its warm heat is perfect with chips, pasta, pizza, seafood, and meat. Mix it with olive oil and make your own harissa paste. Great as a rub

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Cosmo's Lemon Pepper Shaker

Lemon Pepper Seasoning

Sprinkle our Lemon Pepper seasoning on veges, add it to pizza and pasta, or coat chicken, lamb, pork or fish for an extra zing. This is a taste sensation!

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